MEN – (Migrants Empowerment Thru Networking)

MEN – (Migrants Empowerment Thru Networking) MEN is an Initiative of Lex Foundation aiming at Empowerment of migrants in NCR region migrated from across the country. who are mainly engaged into Casual Labor or unorganized sectors like construction, maid etc or street vendor. MEN project collectivize the migrants and educate them about Human Rights and help them protect their being exploited by who is in position to do so. We are connecting with NGOs & Organizations working on similar projects and organizations that can support us with this project. There is persistent social & economic inequality in India. MEN project will benefit those migrated from villages with no formal skills, education hoping to have better life by getting employment.

Under this initiative, LEX Foundation has created a unique partnership with CleanSpoc ( to uplift the economic and social status of these people. LEX Foundation provides Car Cleaning Training to underprivileged to make them employable or become self employed professional car cleaner to earn a dignified living. LEX Foundation has created a digital training module comprising technical and non technical skills sets. On completion of this, the individual is certified.

LEX Foundation enables underprivileged migrants to become employable as professional car cleaner or self employed professional cleaner by providing skill based training and certifying them and then CleanSpoc creates employment opportunity for them.

LEX Foundation along with CleanSpoc is transforming lives of those who had no skill or education and were involved in labor work, now they are working as professional car cleaner and living better life. they have more time for their families and earns more with dignity.

  1. Transforming from unskilled to skilled professional
  2. Uplifting the social and economic status of underprivileged
  3. Target to provide livelihood to over 2000 families by 2023
  4. Self sustained project
  5. Partnership with like-minded partners/social organizations