About Us


Our journey began in Year 2008 from Dublin City of Ireland when a few Indian students studying there undertook our first strategic intervention called Human Brotherhood Imitative (HBI) which led to creation of LEX Foundation in year 2016 from Delhi India.
HBI promotes Peace, Harmony & Brotherhood by creating an inclusive culture by promoting Human Brotherhood based equality transcending all man-made boundaries of religion, caste, creed, nationality, gender, skin color, economic or social status of an individual. This strives to bring about a change in Human Psychological Structure through understanding the fact that we all are Equal as Human irrespective of diversity of religions, castes, creeds, nationalities, professions, languages, cultures, traditions and so on.
LEX Foundation (LF) was created to spread the HBI in a structured manner beyond national boundaries seeking an impact at larger scale and to undertake more strategic interventions by creating a network of professionals & educated people across the world for a positive impact in other areas too like education, women empowerment, and poverty.
We have always been a Zero Funding organization since beginning till year 2021 when for the first time we raised some funds to implement our first budgeted programme called Privilege Fellowship which we started to support the underprivileged section affected from COVID-19 pandemic. Privilege Fellowship Program is a capacity building program aimed at women empowerment through helping the girls from the bottom pyramid of the society by higher education and focused mentorship.
All that we have done and that we will be doing in future is a direct result of dedicated & selfless hard work with an honest desire to serve humanity by 100s of people who were/are/will be associated with us. We are nothing more than the people associated with us directly or indirectly. We have been a zero admin cost organization till date. All projects are run by volunteers. Every single penny coming to the foundation is spent for cause only.

LEX Foundation is a volunteer run social organization that works for creating inclusive culture towards Global Peace, Harmony and Progress though cultivating human potential by various creative initiatives. We at LEX Foundation since its inception in 2016 have undertaken various initiatives toward its mission of contributing towards a “Peaceful World that is free from all man-made human sufferings of inequality, illiteracy, poverty & injustice”.
Vision: “A Peaceful world, free from all man-made Human Sufferings”

Our Initiatives are driven by our Vision and aligned with UN’s sustainable development goals (SDG2030) for SDG1 (No Poverty), SDG2 (Zero Hunger) SDG5 (Gender Equality) SDG10 (Reduced Inequality), SDG16 (Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions) and SDG17 (Partnership for the Goals).

Our initiatives guided by our vision have been focused on capacity building, education/literacy promotion, women empowerment, livelihood promotion, advocacy & awareness campaign for equality, peace and harmony.
We divide our initiatives in three categories.

1) Advocacy & Awareness Programs- Initiatives in this category aims at awareness and advocacy through various campaigns
2) Capacity Building Programs- aim at Capacity Building thru Edu & Livelihood
3) Outreach Programs- Initiatives in this category aim at providing random support of Medicine, Cloth & Food to society at time of need.”