About Us

Lex Foundation is a volunteer run Social Organization supported by Socialists and Humanitarians across the World with the aim to Nurture the Humanity. Our vision guides all our activities and our all activities small or big are totally committed for Human well-being. Our Vision is “Nurturing the Humanity & Peace to transform the World”. We believe that without individual transformation and peace the world peace is not possible. Lex Foundation is undertaking various high impact Initiatives in pursuit of its vision.

We, as a Humanitarian organization, are actively engages in promoting human welfare and social reforms, and have no prejudice with human suffering on grounds of gender, sexual orientation, religious or national divisions.

We work to defeat poverty, illiteracy and man-made boundaries & man made sufferings for humanity and Peace by strategic interventions and bringing people of diff faiths together for human welfare and social reforms.

A peaceful world free from all sort of manmade boundaries & manmade sufferings for which many Humanity based initiatives and programs are being implemented.


Lex Foundation works on diverse projects for Humanity and Peace Building by eliminating discrimination based on caste, creed, nationality, religion etc. We organize seminars and conduct awareness camps for awareness on Labour Rights, Migrants Empowerment, Human Rights, Communal Harmony and we run livelihood projects for rural development and conduct livelihood skills training in Rural India. We offer Yoga and Meditation programs for people who wish to achieve ultimate human potential and wish to know inner self in pursuit of individual transformation for world transformation and peace.

Nurturing the Humanity
Lex Foundation