Let us restore the Humanity

Though our Haryana Team, we got to know of a family in Gohana City of Sonipat District that the family was struggling to keep with their even basic requirements for last 3-4 months just because of medical treatment of head of the family.

from our Team Vikas Kumar, President Haryana visited this family to extend immediate help and to know the exact situation of the family. He met Diskha, the only child of the family who in the hospital with her father. What is told was devastating story. She told how they have been struggling with her fathers treatment and for basic necessities. She told that they had to sold out their house to get the money for her father’s treatment. She was a dance teacher and lost her job during lockdown of 2020. He has no source of income, leaving in rented house after having sold their house and having got no support from anyone form close or distant relative during this difficult time, her mother started work as domestic help in a few house in the city. The money they were getting was not even enough to pay off the monthly rent and the kitchen expenses and they were almost out of money because they had spent it all on her father’s treatment. Her father had liver infection and other stomach illness for which he was being treated for almost 4 months.

Having to know of her families situation, we immediately transferred Rs 5000/- to Diksha’s bank account so that they can buy proper food and medicines. We started sharing the video which vikas shot in the hospital while he went to meet this family. Towards end of the day, one of our team member got help from one supporter who extended help for Rs 10,000/- for Diksha’s family. After that next day on 27th Jun which is today we have started a online campaign by sharing the video along with Diksha’s bank details requesting people in our network to help her family.

We have done our bit and hoping more people will do their bit for the sake of Humanity. The young girl Diksha was so thankful for having recvd the help from people whom she never knew. This is exactly what humanity is all about that People come forward to help others whom they dont even know. Such acts of helping other restore the humanity and sense of belongingness. We pray that Diksha’s father will get well soon. She will get enough money required for her father’s treatment and restore her normal life again.

May God Bless All. Let us be united for Humanity, Peace, Harmony and Love.

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