Every Little Helps

Just like any other manmade sufferings to humanity including poverty, illiteracy, inequality/discrimination, injustice etc, Covid 19 is also a manmade sufferings to human being.

We human beings are the causes of this deadly virus. We as human believe to be the most intelligent creation of God amidst all, so we try to modify this planet created by the Nature in the name of development and human advancement. We have been cutting trees ruthlessly, polluting the air, water and soil which gives us food. these are basic fundamental ingredients for any life and we are just destroying them.

Covid 19 is a deadly virus only for those are are not suffering from poverty, hunger and lack of basis supplies needed for life. Those who are dying of hunger and poverty known nothing about covid 19 and they are not at all afraid of this deadly virus. Those who dont have food, clothes and shelter for their small children are not at all afraid of this covid. In cities people are in desperate need of Oxygen, Doctors, Beds in Hospitals but poor people who survive on their daily earnings are in desperate need of work so as they can feed their family and themselves. This is what we have seen since last year’s lockdown after having met migrant poor people. Hungary person only thinks about food. Whole of the society is completely ignorant to these people. it is not that there is not enough food available or this country can not produce enough to feed every citizen. it is simply because this manmade suffering is ignored by those who can remove this problem. if everyone do a bit at their level in their locality, we believe there will be none who sleeps without food and cloth. WE SHOULD TAKE A MOMENT TO THINK OF THIS.

Human is a manmade sufferings and can easily be removed if we all work toward this direction. This is our responsibility. These poor/Hungary people are part of our society. If we want to have a healthy body we need to take care of all parts of the body same way if we want to have a good society we have to take care of whole of the society without which it can never be a good / healthy society no matter how much money one earns.

Our team visited labourer camp where 100s of families having 1000s of people including children live. These labourer work at Brick Kiln Factories in that area. These are poor migrants from Bihar, UP, Bangal states.

Our team visited to check on their status and support required during ongoing lockdown in Haryana state. Our volunteers including one volunteer Doctor from nearby village have been visiting these labour camp since last year’s lockdown when they first visited there.

Last year during the lockdown, three people had died including two Children after they were left without any ration and drinking water, forget about other things like medicine, cloths etc.

This time, luckily no severely ill person was found. Our local team is arranging food supplies for these families from nearby villages, our volunteer Doctor (Dr Geetu) has been visiting them for free medical treatment from time to time.

Having been able to arrange food and free doctor for basis treatment, we are extending other support that includes generic medicines, footwear & cloths for children’s. Till date apart from distributing ration kits for 500+ people, we have organized two back to back Free Medical Camp to provide free health check ups and free medicine distribution.

Every little helps, is true. We believe in this and working out bit in pursuit of positive impact in the society, to touch lives those are in desperate needs of help.

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