Helping those in need is Humanity

LEX Foundation reached out to underprivileged in rural to organize free medical camp and free medicine distribution. over 100 people got benefits out of this medical camp to get their health check up and getting free medicines. Underprivileged and migrants in rural area are the most missed out and ignored section of the community who do not have access to even basic necessities of food nutrient, medicines, cloths and proper shelters despite of their hard worker. generally these are exploited by other section of the community, employers and so on. They are left out ignored without any support system. LEX Foundation, under its Rural Development Initiative, strives to improve overall quality of life of all living in rural areas by providing livelihood training, education help, medical help and so on.

Rural is the backbone of India. Cities have expended like anything but still about 70% India lives in rural and all cities are completely depended on rural for their food items and factory inputs. There is huge gap between what rural has and what urban has in India. All blue color workforce in cities come from rural only. In some states like Haryana, Punjab, you will find labor migrating from other less developed states for season employment or labor work at Brisk kiln factories and seasonal work in farming, labor work at dairy & poultry farming…These migrants are so poor that they can only afford food and cloths, nothing more than that. However, many people in rural are not so rich who can afford medical treatments for sugar, blood pressure and so on which are root cause of other illness. LEX Foundation has been reaching out to rural of Haryana to provide free health check ups and free medicine distribution. This is being the fist after lockdown in Haryana. We plan to conduct one Medical camp at different place every month from this month on during the year 2021.

Medical Camp, Vill Silana Sonipat 20 Jun 2021

This community has been worst hit by Covid pandemic and lockdowns. Pre lockdown also they were on the edge but somehow they were carrying on with their hard work in life but these lockdowns have pushed them even more into poverty and they are find it very difficult to find a way out of this difficult time. We urge people that let us stand with each other to help each other to get through this difficult time entire humanity is facing. Our Human Brotherhood Initiative is all about Humanity beyond all sort of differences of religion, caste, creed etc. Humanity is about helping each other and those in need during difficult time.

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