Ignorance to Manmade Human Sufferings

Ignorance has always been prime cause of human sufferings. Be it any human sufferings of date including covid 19. everybody is so concerned of covid but we saw people who are more concerned about their hunger than covid. Hunger is probably the biggest virus existed ever but we are ignorant of it.. We talk about it at national and international forume but do nothing about it..Poverty, Illiteracy and Inequality are manmade sufferings .. If we ignore these sufferings just because they affect others and not us.. We are mistaken. those who r being affected are part of the same society as we are….The Society is same as one body (system) . and if one part of the body is ill then the whole body gets affected, same way if one part of the society is affected by something bad then sooner or later it will affect the whole society…Don’t ignore it and do something at your level whatever you can do …Nurturing the Humanity ….

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